Service & Giving

Seva, or service, is one of the cornerstones of ZUDA Yoga. We teach people to feel good so they can help others. This is ZUDA’s way of supporting others. We are grateful to be a part of a generous and giving community, and it is ZUDA’s priority to put love back into this community.

Seva is offering one's time, energy, knowledge, experience, physical labor, money, teaching or any kind of aid without expectation, acknowledgment or reward.

Many styles of yoga, including Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, incorporate selfless giving as a spiritual practice embodying the highest form of service. The act of offering oneself to others breaks the bonds of ego and unifies us with the divine. When we extend our hands in acts of compassion, the "giver" disappears, becoming instead a conduit of divine love.

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See seva in action.

Brought to you by a group of Spring 2010 ZUDA Yoga Teacher Trainees

May I care enough, to love enough to share enough to let others become what they can be.
- John O'Brien