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The Full Expression of Beauty

Blogger and writer Kate from the Buzz Bus Tour recounts her experience of Anne Marie Kramer's yin & meditation class during Wanderlust Austin in November 2013.

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KPFA Reporter Leila Block asks ZUDA what Yoga is all About

Anne Marie Kramer, Jessica Micheletti, Jessica Napier, Laura Francis & Kelly Boylan share how they came to yoga, what it's done for them and why they return to their yoga mat.

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Yoga Apps to Keep You Fit and Energized

Anne Marie Kramer, an owner of ZUDA Yoga, encourages people to practice yoga at a studio. But if people are unable to make it to class, she recommends ...

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Yoga Studios Thrive Despite Hard Economic Times

If you think you're seeing more Yoga studios popping up around Sacramento...you're right. It turns out Yoga is one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

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Free Day of Yoga will be celebrated around the country on Sept. 3

Jessica Micheletti leads participants in a power vinyasa yoga class at ZUDA Yoga Center in Sacramento.

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Finding the Right Yoga Instructor

Despite yoga's metaphysical underpinnings, there are tangible steps to take for those thinking about trying it. We asked several prominent Sacramento yogis to weigh in.

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Heat Powered Yoga

6am ZUDA Yogis on Good Day Sacramento.

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Yes Dad, I love my yoga mat and ZUDA Yoga

“I love my new yoga mat,” said I to my parents, attempting a more personal dinner conversation. “You can’t love a yoga mat,” corrected my father authoritatively. “It’s an object and you can’t love an object.”

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Duck Tape, Neosporin & ZUDA Yoga

Duck Tape and Neosporin can patch you through most life-threatening disasters says my Search and Rescue / Medic sister, Jeanne. She investigates lost planes in the backcountry of Montana. "What isn't disentigrated in the crash," she states rather matter of factly, " is eaten by bears."

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ZUDA Yoga stretches into new Folsom studio

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old practice focused on mental, spiritual and physical well-being.
ZUDA Yoga propels that tradition into the 21st century with energy, humor and sweat.
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Zuda gets 1st City approved bike rack

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Om at the White House

The morning sun basques The White House in full glory, and the smiles and bright eyes of the volunteers shine and sparkle in the warm light. Spring has exploded throughout Washington DC in a myriad of colors and blossoms. There is a palpable sense of energy and freshness in the city during this time of cultural and political renaissance...

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