"My experience with yoga classes at the gym had sent me on a search for more.  Although my ZUDA experience is new, this class offered the “more” I was looking for." —Susan D.

"I chose the ZUDA Assisting Program because I was very impressed by the assistants that completed the program last year and I did want a more thorough understanding of the postures. I am exploring the possibility of teaching at some later point. I would be honored to assist at ZUDA since I think you have created a fabulous well-run power yoga studio that brings so much to Sacramento: excellent teachers, opportunities to develop a 'full' yoga practice, world class guest teachers in addition to nurturing the community that ZUDA itself is creating. I have gained so much from practicing at ZUDA. I would like to share with others and give back." —Aisha K.

"Bill's anatomy teachings were truly eye opening and have helped me awaken my own practice. Also, because of the hands-on assisting practice, I am now more confident with introducing others to yoga." —Katie O.

"When I get to the studio, it's like my whole being can exhale and let life be life. I show up as me, unguarded." —Cierra W.

"It was a lot of fun. I'm so glad I gave myself this gift.  ZAP was everything it was promised to be and then some. My relationships with other students in the program have blossomed, and it's allowed me even more opportunities to give to the practice. I believe this experience will lead me to teaching in the future. Thank you to everyone who gave their time to making it an extremely positive experience. I'm very appreciative." —Dustin L

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Testimonials about ZUDA Yoga

May I care enough, to love enough to share enough to let others become what they can be.
- John O'Brien