ZUDA's Beginners SeriesEach class builds on the next

Benefits of a Beginner Series

Learning any new skill takes practice and the feedback of a trusted teacher. Repetition is the key to success. We have developed a new approach to learning ZUDA’s vinyasa yoga. We call it complete because over the course of 4 classes, you’ll learn the most common poses that make up the foundation of the flow we teach. 


Special characteristics of the Beginners Series

Your commitment is to the entire series. This allows us to move and grow as a group. It also means you’re learning with the same group week after week. You’ll get to know and support each other.


Workshop Format

Featuring demonstration, discussion and practice, you ask questions as we figure out why we do the things we do in yoga. Why do we always build a pose from the ground up? Why do we breath in when we are rising and breathe out when descending? This structure allows us to give you not only the alignment details of a pose but also the reasoning behind it. 


Slower paced

The pace of the series is comfortable as the purpose is to learn rather than have an intense workout. The yoga is being open and willing to try new things. Remember, the only reason for falling is to learn how to get back up. 



We incorporate yoga philosophy into every class to reflect how the physical outside practice is a means of entry into what is going on within. 



Breath, the foundation of the practice is explained and is a critical focus throughout the practice. You will be able to use the breath to fully support your practice. 

Beginners Series at ZUDA Yoga

Limited to 25 people.

ZUDA Midtown

January 5-14

Meets Monday / Wednesday

7:30pm - 8:45pm

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ZUDA Roseville

January 5-14

Meets Monday / Wednesday

7:30pm - 8:45pm

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ZUDA Folsom

January 6-15

Meets Tuesday / Thursday

6:15pm - 7:30pm

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Cost: $50

Member Cost: $43


This workshop reinvigorated my practice! I love learning how to get into a pose properly; it makes me more confident, and I'm less in my head during my practice! I love knowing that there's not one correct way to look in a pose too.
- Marisa, Beginners Series student