ZUDA Teacher Training: Phase 1 
200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified


Since 2006, ZUDA has trained more than 300 teachers who have gone on to open yoga studios and teach around the world. You'll join a group of people who are ready to move deeper into themselves and into their own power.

This life-changing experience encompasses 7 weekends over 2 ½ months. You’ll be exposed to a breadth of knowledge and learning that take years to attain. No experience or knowledge prerequisites are required for this training — only a deep commitment to YOU. Students of all levels are encouraged to use this training to begin or continue a journey of personal exploration and acceptance, and to develop or enhance a current yoga practice and/or teaching.

This is a process of transformation for those who want to teach and even for those who don't. A teacher's deepest responsibility — and ultimate reward — is the ability to transform the lives of individuals seeking physical and spiritual growth.


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Open Your Heart Teacher Training

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10 signs you're ready for yoga teacher training

by Kelli Harrington. Elephant Journal.


We show up, burn brightly in the moment, live passionately, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go.
- Rolf Gates