ZUDA Teacher: Anne Marie Kramer

I’m from Cleveland, OH

My sun sign is... Cancer

My nickname is... AMK

My favorite word is... YES

I wish for... to change the world!

I am thankful for... Each time I connect with someone at a deeper level... and sea salt.

What gives me peace…water, wine and laughter.

Three words that describe me are… Yes, I Can!

Why I chose yoga… Takes the edge off and makes me a better person.

What inspires me most is... Seeing the light turn on for students, teachers, and waking up to what is important!

Three words to describe my teaching style are… Dynamic, Passionate, Risky.

I just can’t live without…My peeps

My favorite food is… avocado.

For fun I … Stir the pot!

When I need a little escape close to home I go to…Anything in nature, the river, tahoe, the ocean.

I’m most scared of… intimacy and unconditional love.


Anne Marie Kramer


Don't think a few like minded people can't change the world, indeed they are the only ones who have.
- Margaret Mead