Phase 2 Teacher Training: Shine

100-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified


Phase 2: Shine is committed to creating masterful teachers who exude passion, confidence and create powerful communities.

Ready to re-energize your teaching? Super motivated after Phase 1: Open Your Heart and want to keep the momentum going? You are ready now!

Phase 2: Shine will guide you to teach and live authentically. You will explore your strengths as a teacher, work directly with your peers, and one-on-one with Anne Marie. Phase 2: Shine creates masterful teachers while connecting you to your teaching tribe. Above all, you will discover the extraordinary within, as a teacher, as a yogi and as a person.

This vinyasa teacher training is open to all teachers who have completed Zuda Yoga Phase 1: Open Your Heart teacher training.

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SHINE: Power Vinyasa Teacher Training


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“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”