The Best BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses for a Strong Friendship

The Best BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses for a Strong Friendship

Yoga is one of the most coveted exercises you can try from home, in parks and your yoga gym. You can choose to do classic traditional yoga or other more advanced ones such as Acro yoga. They will all bring you a great deal of relaxing, de-stressing, and stretching your muscles.

There is no better way to enjoy yoga and its benefits than to try something new for you and your BFF. They always say that two heads are better than one. We recommend you grab your BFF and build a strong friendship by doing these BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses together.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an exercise towards finding your inner calm by creating mental clarity, increasing body awareness, can help you concentrate more, and relaxing your mind. In essence, it can give you a more positive perspective on life.

Additionally, yoga has plenty of physical benefits that increase flexibility, strength, and tone, improve your respiratory system, and add energy to your body. Moreover, yoga helps balance your metabolism aiding in weight reduction and maintenance.

Another benefit yoga brings to the table is improving your relationship with your BFF. Doing yoga with your BFF can improve teamwork, comfort, practice communication, and trust in your relationship.

Let us guide you in doing yoga poses with your BFF today. Even if you are both beginners or advanced yoga experts, we got something in store for you to try.

Important Reminder for BFFs

Before beginning, we advise that you account for the different levels of flexibility you both have with doing yoga poses. It is vital to succeed in doing these yoga poses for two. Make sure to keep your comfort level in check to avoid any injuries. We want to help you build a stronger friendship as besties and not ruin your relationship. Be sure to always do basic warm-ups before doing any exercise. So if you are ready, grab your bestie and let’s do BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses!

BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses To Try

Partner Forward Fold

A forward fold pose targets your hamstrings, offering you a good stretch. We give you two varieties of doing a forward fold with your BFF.

Seated Forward Fold

  1. You must sit opposite your Bff and make sure both legs are wide apart and straightened ahead of you.
  2. Place your feet against your BFF’s feet and take a tight hold of each other’s forearms.
  3. Take turns slowly pinning yourself forward as the other BFF pulls you gently towards them.
  4. You will feel your hamstrings stretched. Make sure to hold your pose after a few breaths simultaneously.
  5. Do this alternately with your BFF and feel your hamstrings stretched nicely.

Standing Forward Fold

  1. Stand back to back with your BFF making sure there are at least six inches of distance between their heels and yours.
  2. Put your hands on your waist and fold forward-hinged at your hips.
  3. After folding, reach back and hold your BFF’s shoulders and arms as you pull each other closer.
  4. Make sure to hold this position for five breaths or more.
  5. Slowly let go and use the floor for support as you slowly get back up.

Seated Cat-Cow

The cat and cow poses are basic yoga poses made for beginners. However, this one is an upgrade to the usual pose and comes with a twist. The seated cat-cow yoga pose is good for opening your chest and stretching your core, hips, and back.

  1. This pose is a combination of two classic poses. First, you need to get into a seated position with your feet crossed in front of your BFF.
  2. Hold out each other’s forearms and draw your shoulders backward and down. Push out your chest as you inhale and lift your head gently. Hold that form and exhale at the same time.
  3. After exhaling, tuck your chin towards your chest and round your upper back. Look at your belly button to ensure your back remains rounded, stretching your shoulder blades.
  4. Communication with your BFF is crucial in this exercise to keep your poses in sync. Be sure to hold the poses and alternate the cat and cow poses.

Double Plank

The plank is a classic core challenge, not just in yoga, and you need complete balance doing it with your BFF. Double plank is an advanced-level yoga pose for two people. It requires having extreme harmony and trust to accomplish the pose. Make sure to decide who gets to be the bottom/base and who is on top.

  1. Start by doing a classic plank position. Keep your abs engaged and hands flat against the mat.
  2. From the side, the other BFF enters and carefully holds onto the ankles on the base of the feet.
  3. The BFF at the top places the ball of one foot onto the shoulder and deliberately avoids digging into the other’s shoulders.
  4. Carefully lift the other foot and plank. Be in sync and inhale and exhale at the same time.
  5. You can hold this position for about 30 seconds or more.
  6. The top BFF gently steps off the shoulder and slowly stands back up after finishing the pose.

Square Pose

​​Another advanced yoga pose is the square pose good for stretching your hamstrings and opening up your shoulders and lower back. Choose the bestie that will be the base and the other one above.

  1. Do a modified double plank. You can also place your hands on the floor instead of the ankles. Do what works best for your comfort.
  2. The base BFF sits firm while stretching their arms above their head.
  3. Simultaneously, the top BFF bends their hips to form the square pose.

Flying Bow

The flying bow pose is an advanced-level yoga pose named acro yoga that combines classic yoga poses, aerobatics, and Thai massages. Flying bow pose is not for beginner yoga enthusiasts, but if you and your BFF are advanced yoga experts, this one is just right for you.

Flying a bow helps improve lower body strength for the base BFF while releasing the tension, lengthening the spine, and opening up the chest for the BFF at the top.

  1. First, get into a flying superman position.
  2. The base BFF holds the top BFF in the shoulders for support while the BFF on top bends one leg to reach for their ankles, accomplishing a bow pose.
  3. For extra balance, you can hold each other hard.

Flying Paschi

Flying Paschi is said to be an ancient yoga pose well for relaxation or pain reduction through helping muscle aches and strengthening where to buy Stromectol your muscles in the lower body and hamstrings.

  1. Lie flat on your back and stretch your legs upwards.
  2. Hold your bestie’s hands for support as they invert upside-down to the position.
  3. Support their hips using your legs and place your hands on their shoulder.
  4. Straighten your legs and push your BFF’s hips forward to help them hold their ankles in a tight position.
  5. Slowly lower your legs down the mat or floor.
  6. Stretch your arm upward near your BFF’s shoulder for better support and stability.

Folded Leaf

The folded leaf is excellent for lengthening your spine and finding release for the BFF on the top.

  1. The base BFF must be positioned tightly on the mat-forming an L shape. Get your feet in an upward position straight and ready to receive the flyer (top BFF).
  2. The flyer hinges to an L shape and relaxing their neck and back supported the base BFF.
  3. Base bestie must keep their core engages and can also gently massage the flyer as they dangle.
  4. End folded leaf by re-engaging hands and finding balance. Flyer pushes themselves back up while the base BFF guides them back down gently.

Key Takeaways

We have given you beginner-level to advanced-level yoga poses for you and your BFF. You can rip the benefits of doing these yoga poses while enjoying a good time with your BFF. Together, you can build a stronger bond by using this guide and work towards your goal together using yoga.

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