More Amazing Yoga Poses For 2 To Try With A Friend

yoga poses for 2

Yoga is performed in class settings, parks, or quiet home settings. But many people don’t realize that yoga can be done with a partner. Partner yoga has the same, if not more, benefits that strengthen bonds and shatter limitations. This article explores benefits, tips for choosing the right partner, and some perfect yoga poses for 2. Onward! (or downward!)

Benefits Of Yoga Poses For Two People

Pushes Boundaries

Limits are physical as well as psychological. Having a yoga partner undoubtedly increases flexibility. A body bends and pulls differently when reacting to force from another body. Muscle range of motion increases when another person helps and supports awkward body positioning. A person can achieve much more in overall body tone and flexibility. 

Something happens in our heads when we partner up, too. Some people feel more comfortable and less afraid with another person to supervise. Others feel a boost of confidence to try new poses. A normally reserved person can throw caution to the wind if their partner is all in.

Increased Safety

A person shares responsibility for balance and range of motion with their partner. This planned endeavor makes the yoga pose easier to execute. It also gives a sense of security to both partners. If one is off-balance or a cramp kicks in, the other is there to lend a hand.

Deepens Relationships Of Self & Between Partners

We’ve all been too deep inside our heads. A benefit to a partner in yoga is we must constantly consider the other person to experience success. We must account for and consider our partner. Both people focus on the here and now. There’s no time to daydream or plan schedules when another person is depending on us to support them!

Equally, our inner self is explored at the same time. Mindful awareness and thoughtfulness emerge as a result. If a partner hesitates to try a new pose, it affects the other person. Likewise, a hurtful outcome will result if a partner is dismissive of the other’s feelings or capabilities. Partner yoga reflects on the self when preparing to support and brace the other person. Doubt is brushed away to concentrate on the other person. When frequent emotions are displayed during sessions, a person can explore them in-depth later.

Confidence Comes Along

How many things have been done with a partner that never would have seen the light of day alone? Our confidence soars when surrounded by people on “our team.” Having a yoga partner brings that same confidence booster. It’s safer to try a new pose knowing someone we trust is there in case the stretch goes south. It’s also easier to look silly together. Suddenly, mistakes are something to laugh at instead of fodder to internalize. Before long, new techniques and challenges are accomplished.

Partner Yoga Is Intimate Fun

It’s impossible to perform yoga with someone without getting to know them better. It’s like playing a game of Twister without laughing. It just can’t be done! Partners learn each other’s quirks and strengths when practicing yoga poses for two people. Before long, their minds are more connected, zen-like, if you will. Partners know each other’s challenges and cheer the other on for encouragement. Stretching, falling, laughing, and cheering become quality time each looks forward to spending. Over time the partners bond with more respect and trust for one another.

How To Choose A Yoga Partner

Choose Size

Good yoga partners should be about the same size. This enables reaching, supporting, and lifting to be equal for each person. Some poses require full-body support, so each partner needs to be capable in that situation.

Choose Trust

A yoga partner not only has the other’s physical back but mentally supports them as well. If one has limitations or is uncomfortable, the other partner should be aware and respectful of those limits. Truthful conversations need to be bridged before performing two-person yoga poses. A partner needs to be receptive, caring, and trustworthy. Establish comfort levels and limitations beforehand.

5 Yoga Poses For 2 

Seated Breathing Pose

Every yoga class begins with a single breath. This is an excellent starter pose. Partners sit with their backs resting against each other. Begin mindful, relaxed breathing. The goal is to develop the same breathing rhythm as one another.

Seated Spinal Stretch Pose

Partners begin in a back-to-back, cross-legged seated position. One partner leans their back over the other. Both arms are held overhead and outstretched as the partner grabs their wrists to stretch and elongate the spine gradually. Maintain deep breathing while holding the stretch for ten to fifteen seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Seated Side Bend

Partners begin in a back-to-back, cross-legged seated position. The same-side arms are raised overhead and grasp or press hands together. Bend to the opposite side, placing that hand flat on the floor. Turn heads upward at the raised hands while holding the stretch for ten to fifteen seconds. Switch sides and repeat.

Double Dancer Pose

This pose focuses on that “junk in the trunk”! Partners face each other about 2 feet away. Each raises their right arm over their head simultaneously. Hold once palms meet in the middle. Each grabs their left foot up to their rumps. Slowly, partners bend towards each other using their right palms, pushing against each other to balance. The left foot is guided to the ceiling at the same time. 

One-Legged Wheel

Partners begin lying on their backs with bent knees and flat feet. Toes should be touching. Palms are placed on the floor with fingers facing their partner. Press against palms and feet to lift the middle of the torso off the floor into a bridge shape. Partners lift an extended leg up to meet in between.

Two Person Yoga Poses – For You & Your BFF

Yoga poses for two provide another way to strengthen the body’s core. It also strengthens the bonds between two people as they find common ground to improve their inner and outer selves using the tool of yoga.


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