Uttanpadasana Pose (Double Raised Leg Pose)

Uttanpadasana Pose (Double Raised Leg Pose)

If you want to improve your balance and flexibility, the uttanpadasana or double-raised leg pose is a great pose to try. It is a challenging yoga pose that is often used to improve balance and increase the range of motion in the hips and spine. This pose can be modified to make it more or less challenging, depending on your experience level.

It is a simple but effective stance, and it can help you achieve a number of benefits, including improving balance, increasing flexibility, and better circulation. It can be performed by anyone, regardless of age or physical fitness level. It is also suitable for both men and women. Take a closer look at this pose, what the benefits of it are, and how to do it correctly.

What Is Uttanpadasana or the Double Leg Raise Pose?

The legs are raised upward in this yoga stance, which is why it is named the raised leg yoga pose. It is an important horizontal position yoga pose that is particularly good at reducing belly fat and maintaining a flat tummy. It is highly popular with those looking to lose weight or burn belly fat. Maintaining this yoga stance at first can be challenging, but with practice, it becomes simpler to reap the full advantages.

Bear in mind that the legs in this stance stay angled away from the floor. To perform this pose, one lies supine and then lifts their legs off the floor, stretching them intensely. Apart from providing an intensive stretch to the limbs, this exercise also works the back muscles. This is because the upper back and neck are elevated in the final posture, forming an arch. Due to the fact that the head is also inverted, this posture is an excellent stretch that provides both physical and mental advantages.

The Sanskrit Meaning of Uttanpadasana

The word Uttanpadasana comes from the Sanskrit words “uttana,” meaning “stretching” or “intense stretch,” “pada” meaning “leg,” and “asana” meaning “posture” or “pose.” It essentially refers to an intense stretch of the legs.

It targets the abdominal and thighs muscles and is a great way to tone the body. The pose has many benefits, which are toning of the body, and it also helps in improving balance.

What Are the Benefits of the Uttanpadasana Pose?

It has lots of health benefits, including features that can help you avoid a variety of health issues and can help you improve your physical and mental health. Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience:

These are the benefits of uttanpadasana or the raised leg yoga pose:

Enhance Digestive Systems

One of the best health benefits of this is it helps in improving your digestion. It can exert significant pressure on the stomach and inner intestine, causing your body to produce stress hormones that aid in promoting the digestive system’s function, proper bowel movement, as well as the production of digestive juices and enzymes that help in the digestion of food and help prevent constipation.

Helps Reduce Your Back Pain

Regular practice of this stance can be extremely beneficial for those who suffer from chronic back pain, as it places a great deal of pressure on the spine and also stretches the spine, which helps to improve your spine’s flexibility and helps to reduce your back pain. It helps to stretch and elongate the spine while also strengthening the back muscles.

Promote a Sense of Calmness

The practice of this pose helps to promote feelings of calmness, peace, and relaxation, as it helps you to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It also helps to improve your focus and concentration, which can help you in your day-to-day tasks. It helps by relaxing the nervous system, which aids in enhancing circulation throughout the body, helping you feel much more relaxed.

Nourish Hip and Thigh Muscles

This stance can help prevent injury to your hip and thigh muscles during exercise and other activities. It improves their elasticity and also increases blood flow in this area, which means muscles will receive an increased amount of oxygen and nutrition, which will help them strengthen and grow.

Helps Blood Circulation

It helps in improving the blood circulation throughout your body, as it places a great deal of pressure on the abdomen area and stimulates its muscles, which helps to improve blood circulation. It also improves blood flow to other parts of your body because during this stance, you will be using most of your major muscle groups that help promote good overall blood circulation, allowing blood to flow more freely.

How To Get Into This Pose

The Uttanpadasana pose is great in helping to improve many aspects of your body and can also be used as a warm-up procedure. By practicing this pose on a regular basis, you can improve your balance and focus. It is also a good way to prepare for more difficult to intermediate yoga poses.

You can get into this pose by following these steps:

  1. Lay on your back with your legs and arms stretched out in front of you. Lift your arms up towards the ceiling, and place them to the side of you. Make sure that both sets of shoulders are in line with each other.
  2. Raise your back and arch your neck by flexing your elbows and pushing your shoulder blades together. Bend your right knee and place it over your left ankle, then press down on the heel of your left foot.
  3. To accomplish the backbend, bring the crown of your head to the floor and keep your gaze in the direction of your navel. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to a minute, and then switch sides.
  4. Inhale and extend your legs to a 45° angle. While lifting, keep the feet together and aim the toes toward the ceiling.
  5. Place your hands on the floor next to you, and push them away from your body while lifting your legs up towards the ceiling.
  6. Exhale and extend the arms forward, palms facing each other in a prayer stance. The body should be balanced on the summit of the head and hips. Maintain the posture for approximately six breaths.
  7. Lowering the arms with the hands and lowering the head to the floor, lower the legs back to the ground and relax for a minute.


The Uttanpadasana pose is a great way to tone your body and improve your balance. This pose can be challenging, but it is worth the effort. Remember to focus on your breathing and stay in the pose for as long as you can. Once you are comfortable with this pose, try adding a variation such as raising one arm or leg higher than the other. As always, consult with a doctor before starting any new fitness routine and never push yourself beyond your limits.

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