At Zuda, we combine a challenging physical practice that is fun, dynamic and energizing with the profound message of yoga. We think of yoga as a way to help you get “within” to the place housing the answers to living an amazing life. Our practice is bold and enlivening to enable us to get past resistance. It’s what we must surmount to break through and get to a place where we can tune in to the voice deep inside.


The deeper message of yoga is to be who you truly are, to honor yourself, exactly as you are. With that always in mind, there are adjustments you can make to the practice to make it accessible for you. You can modify and enjoy all of the benefits of the practice.


Our yoga style is fun because we believe life should be playful. An element of joy, of smiling, of liberation, creates a foundation and enables you to look forward to your time on the mat each day. It is that time where you can unshackle yourself from your serious game face and be you.


Zuda came about as the distillation of many years of practice and study. Our founding principle is to build a sense of community where people can connect with others who are also walking a path of self-exploration and want to live deliberately.

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