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The Ultimate Contrast Therapy Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, we all need more self-care. Zuda Yoga is now offering Contrast Therapy.  In combination, Infrared Sauna and Cold Plunge have been proven to reduce inflammation, improve mood, elevate energy and focus, improve immunity, improve overall motivation, reduce stress and improve sleep. 

Traditional recovery methods may not be enough to help people recover from stress, anxiety, and physical exertion. Without proper recovery, people may experience burnout, injuries, and other health issues.

Our contrast therapy offers a natural and effective way to recover from stress, anxiety, and physical exertion. By alternating between hot and cold treatments, you can improve your circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote relaxation. Our therapy includes an infrared sauna session, cold water immersion plunge, and breathwork to help you revitalize your entire body. Whether you’re an athlete or someone looking for a natural way to manage stress, our contrast therapy is the perfect solution for you!

cold plunge vs ice bath

Begin by spending 7-9 minutes in the infrared sauna to sweat it out.

Afterward, immerse yourself in the ice bath for 1-3 minutes.

Allow your body to reach a state of equilibrium. Continue the cycle as needed.

What Is Contrast Therapy?

Contrast therapy involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures to create rapid changes in your circulatory system. By using an infrared sauna, you can directly heat your body’s core and cause vasodilation – the widening of blood vessels due to the relaxation of smooth muscle in the vessel walls, including large veins and arteries and smaller arterioles.

When you move to your cold-water plunge and enter the cold water, your body will cool down and cause your blood vessels to narrow. This, combined with the hot sauna, can improve blood circulation locally.

Contrast therapy has the added benefit of increasing lymphatic circulation and promoting faster recovery. Unlike the circulatory system, which is aided by the heart as a central pump, the lymphatic system (made up of lymph nodes) doesn’t have a natural pump. Contrast therapy allows for the dilation and contraction of lymphatic vessels, which helps to remove stagnant fluid from injured areas, thus reducing inflammation and aiding in the healing of damaged tissue.


A Natural Way To Relief From Pain and Inflammation | Faster Recovery

  • Enhances the speed of healing and recovery.
  • Improve the recovery speed of your muscles.
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improve rehabilitation after surgery.

Learn How To Reduce Fear and Anxiety

  • By using cold therapy, you can better handle your response to stressful situations and other emotions.
  • Enhance your visibility and raise your alertness level. Language Code: EN.
  • Improved mental stamina and rehabilitation.

Detox, Immunity Boost – All in One Place!

  • Triggers an autonomic nervous response
  • Increases white blood cell count
  • This function aids in detoxifying the body by causing the lymphatic vessels to contract and expelling fluid through the lymph nodes.
  • Remove lactic acid from drains.

Elevate Your Mood and Wellness with Contrast Therapy

  • Improves energy levels, mood, and cognitive abilities.
  • Baseline dopamine levels increase to improve motivation, confidence, and focus.
  • Increase in the amount of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter, by 5 times to enhance mood and alleviate pain.
  • Improve your sleep quality by increasing the duration and depth of your sleep.

Reclaim Your Inner Balance | Stress Relief

  • Lowers the levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.
  • Endorphins are released
  • Improved focus can enhance the ability to recognize negative thought patterns
Cold Plunge in Rocklin, Ca

Contrast Therapy Price

30 Days Unlimited

Get unlimted access to cold plunge and infrared sauna each month.
$ 120 per month
  • Same Price as 3 Therapy Sessions!
  • Infrared Sauna - UNLIMITED
  • Cold Plunge - UNLIMITED
  • Month to Month: No Contract
  • Cancel Anytime!
** Popular **

Cold Plunge Pass - Single

One pass covers a single session
$ 15 per pass
  • Pre-Pay: No Contract
  • No Need to Cancel

Infrared Sauna Pass - Single

One pass covers a single session
$ 30 per pass
  • Pre-Pay: No Contract
  • No Need to Cancel

Contrast Therapy

The frequency of contrast therapy can vary depending on personal preference and individual needs. However, it is generally recommended to do contrast therapy 1-2 times per week, with at least 48 hours of rest in between sessions. It is important to listen to your body and not overdo it, as too much contrast therapy can lead to muscle soreness and fatigue. Additionally, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new therapy or exercise regimen, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or injuries.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Although alternPreparing for your first contrast therapy treatment involves a few key steps. Firstly, speaking with your healthcare provider to ensure that this treatment is safe and appropriate for you is important. Additionally, you should drink plenty of water before your session to ensure that you are well-hydrated. It is also recommended that you wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement, as you may be asked to perform light exercises during the treatment. Finally, it is important to come with an open mind and a positive attitude, as this can help enhance the therapy’s benefits. By taking these steps, you can ensure that you are well-prepared for your first contrast therapy treatment and can maximize its potential benefits.

We do not recommend you participate in a contrast therapy treatment if you are pregnant.

It is important to consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any new therapies or activities during pregnancy. Contrast therapy, which involves alternating between hot and cold temperatures, may not be recommended for pregnant women as it can increase the risk of complications such as uterine contractions or changes in blood pressure. Your healthcare provider can advise you on safe and appropriate ways to manage any discomfort or pain during pregnancy.

Contraindications are factors or conditions that make a particular treatment or medication inappropriate or potentially harmful for a patient. Some common contraindications include allergies or hypersensitivity to a specific medication, pregnancy or breastfeeding, liver or kidney disease, heart conditions, and certain medications that may interact negatively with others. Other factors that may be considered include age, weight, and overall health status. It is important for healthcare providers to carefully assess a patient’s medical history and current condition before prescribing any treatment or medication to ensure that it is safe and effective.

A bathing suit or swim trunks. Everything else is provided.

Contrast Therapy In Rocklin, Ca



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